why rootsapp

It's 2019, humans to reach Mars,
Still want to use conventional applications
for your University?

For University Management

Give your students and
professors what they

No mobile number sharing to get
connected with each-other in entire

i.e. freedom with scalability.

rootsapp university
rootsapp student

For Students

Exams? Want to clear your
doubts. Ask your teachers,

With all connected, opens up new
possibilities of collaboration and

i.e. assistance for collaboration.

For Teachers

Share assignments and
notes with students and

No more need to create new groups or give
your number to every new student you
meet, let them reach you directly.

i.e. security and reach at ease.

rootsapp teacher
rootsapp student

For Students & Teachers

New to campus & having
hard time to know new

We got you covered in meeting new people
and socialising with everyone & feel
like you belong to home.

i.e. assistance for socialising

For Teachers & Students

Find and collaborate with
people of same interest
with different domain.

Rootsapp will help you to find right
match for your collaboration in the

i.e. collaborate with cross-domain

rootsapp friends

What else?

Future of collaboration in Universities is calling you.

Get ready to reach the next level of education process.

rootsapp nasscom
rootsapp nasscom1
rootsapp miet
rootsapp maker fest

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